Who is Mama Maria


My mother is a character. She is quick with insults and even quicker with an open hand slap. She loves her children, is obsessed with her grandchildren, and a devotee to her vegetables.

She works a small plot growing tastier tomatoes, jalapeños, and peppers year after year. Her herbs are abundant but my favorite is the intoxicating chocolate mint.

In the kitchen, she is a magician. Mama Maria whips up black beans that have no equal, makes an arroz con pollo you’ll never forget, and creates a guiso you will dream about for days.

I am hoping to capture all of that with this blog, her attitude, her love, and above all her recipes. I want to make sure the world gets to experience her food.

We all think our own mama’s are the world’s best cook, but I feel this section of the blog will settle that debate once and for all.

So stay tuned, put on your Spanish accent ears (subtitles may be needed), and get ready for Mama Maria to lead us back in time with traditional Cuban dishes!


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