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People often ask what recipe I followed for whatever dish they’re eating, and I came to realize that I never follow just one. I always take a little from here, a bit from there, and sprinkle in a touch of that; but rarely do I follow one recipe completely. After reflecting on why not, I found it’s because I only follow the parts that speak to me.

When I read a recipe it’s like reading a movie script for me. In the first act I may fall in love with Bacon, the main character, but then in the second act we discover that Bacon is going nowhere fast and headed into the oven to be baked. Well, damn! Baked Bacon = Naked Bacon! All the fat derobed and left for scraps on the pan below; shameful.

The second act didn’t speak to me so I keep the main character and place him in another story, one that preferably calls for frying. Bacon’s story now continues. A new story where he meets the love of his life, Onion. They get married, have babies, and then…wait, where’s Garlic?

This new story quickly loses me, so I take Bacon and Onion into another script. I find them a recipe where they’re free to have babies. In fact encouraged to have all the babies as Garlic introduces them to a seductive Vinaigrette, whose deglazing prowess cleans up after their baby-makin-mess!

Now that is a story I want to tell! That is my kind of movie, my kind of passion, my kind of recipe, and that is why I started this blog. I want to share my stories and show others the recipes, restaurants, and kitchen tools that inspire me to cook.

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