Maple Street Biscuit Company

“Biscuits make the world go ’round and get round”

El Moodie’s Top Pick :  The Farmer (Biscuit, Fried Chicken, Bacon, Cheddar, House Made Apple Butter)

Like biscuits? Like bacon? Like biscuits? Like fried chicken? Like grits? Like biscuits? Like coffee? Like maple syrup and honey butter and biscuits and apple butter and waffles and biscuits and great atmosphere and biscuits and potatoes hash and did I mention biscuits?

As you can tell this place gets me hyped. It is both the cause and goal of my diets. I lose weight just to eat here and gain weight because of how much I eat here. The yin-yang of my weight gain, keeping me balanced at around 200 pounds.

So enough about my weight woes, let’s get to it.

Maple Street Biscuits, oh how I love thee, let me count the ways:

  1. Incredibly well-seasoned batter on perfectly cooked crispy fried chicken.
  2. A biscuit that rivals any other and when covered with their honey butter will make you wonder why eating has been so meaningless until this very moment.
  3. Coffee. A choice of several radically roasted robust coffees that are only downgraded by adding a sweetener or creamer. Black is beautiful! My favorite mix is half Dark Amber and half Maple Tap.
  4. Stone Grits so good, that southern pride will shine bright enough to cast into darkness it’s racist history – if only for a moment.
  5. Apple Butter dreams, biscuits in a blur, whole place ’bout to concur, you’ll hit the floor, next thing you know, apple butter for sho’, sho,’ sho, sho’
  6. The waffles, oh man the waffles! A spectacular batter made with vanilla bean, asiago, and a pecan-wood smoked bacon that will have you obsessed.

I have more reasons why I love this place. However, talking about it has made my mouth water. So, sorry for the short review but I weigh about 196 and need four pounds worth of Maple Street to balance me out.

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