REVIEW : Reveri Plant Based Frozen Treats

Dessert is our greatest joy and enemy. It’s what makes every meal worthwhile. Sitting there listening to friends babble on about their terrible day while we eat an appetizer that’s undercooked, an entrée that’s overcooked, and sip on a wine that’s better paired with dirt than those unsalted mash potatoes. Dinner is going downhill fast, but then the dessert comes out.

It’s a pie, what kind of pie? Who cares? We know it’s filled with sugar and spice and after a meal like this meal, that’s all we need to know.

Dessert makes this under-par dinner a moderate success, but also, makes us bloated and unable to fit into our Monday morning slacks. It’s a decision that weighs on us all, do we eat dessert and take some happiness away from this meal or be able to breathe through tomorrow’s work day?

Well, I’ve found a dessert that let’s us have it both ways! Stuff your face with sweetness and don’t suffer from the bloated Monday blues!

Reveri is the dessert everyone on any type of diet needs to try, and everyone that’s still breathing, because it’s all scrumptious without any of the guilt.

Don’t believe me, check out the ingredients that make up one of my favorite Reveri flavors, Chocolate ForestWater, dates, tapioca fiber, Belgian cocoa (processed with alkili), avocado, sunflower lecithin, organic raw cocoa nibs, beet powder, fruit pectin, natural cocoa flavor, cinnamon.

Yep! That’s it. Reveri Frozen Desserts are totally natural, totally vegan, totally gluten-free, and best of all  – totally delicious.

I can’t stress enough how this has satisfied my sweet tooth while on the Keto Diet. It’s my go to dessert after every meal and with only 90 cal per serving, no added sugars, and 9g of fiber I don’t think twice about it.

The only thing that top’s the taste of Reveri’s Frozen Desserts is that each serving only has 10g of sugar, all of which come straight from the fruits and plants used to create these amazing treats – no added sugars whatsoever.

I love this because low sugar intake is important while on the Keto Diet. I usually try to stay under 50g of sugar a day and having just 10g of sugar a serving keeps me under my macros allowing me to end the day as every day should end, with a wonderful dessert.

Check out the video above for a deeper look into all Reveri’s amazing flavors, and like me, make sure to try them all!

Disclosure: I received free product from Reveri in exchange for this review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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