Newfangled Confections

There are very few things that are life changing. Like getting your drivers license, your wedding day, birth of a child, and the first time you try a Newfangled Confection!

Yes, these sweets are that good!

So good that a jolt of electricity will fire straight from your tastebuds right into the deepest part of your memory cortex forever forging a direct link of love, happiness, and flavorful bliss between you and these amazing candies.

Newfangled Confections don’t just come in beautifully crafted packages and taste out of this world, but they also play an important role in making a happy marriage (Newfangled Confections does not support this claim.) 

Since Newfangled Confections came into my life, my marriage has never been better, my wife has never been happier, and my kids…well, they’re still a hot mess.

Tino and Anissa get into impressive ninja fights over the Frittles. The only way to end the martial arts madness, is letting them throw the heavenly bite sized Frittles across the living room like ninja stars into each other’s mouths.

Anyways, back to marriage counseling via Newfangled Confections. These treats have really been a life saver by not only helping us show appreciation and aiding in our affection, but most importantly ending arguments sooner. You see, ever since Newfangled Confections have been in our household, arguments come to a sudden stop.

You too can have this marital paradise!

Just buy any of the Newfangled Confections and wait for an argument to brew. Once you’ve had enough of the endless back and forth, just open up a Praline bag, or pop a Sweet and Spicy Pecan in your mouth. Next do the most vital part in helping end the argument – chew loudly. Once your spouse notices your eating a Newfangled Confection they’ll come over and ask (or just take, since there is an argument going on) a piece for themselves, and then just like magic the argument ends.

You’ll soon experience a quiet like never before as each of you enjoy the best treats money can buy. The quiet then becomes a Netflix and chill moment, that’ll definitely involve more Newfangled Confections. The argument is now a forgotten waist of time as you can only think of the party your tastebuds are having, all thanks to these sinfully delicious sweets.

Check out the video above for a full review of Newfangled Confections and make sure to buy some for yourself at

Disclosure: I received free product from Newfangled Confections in exchange for this review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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