Creamy Cheesy Keto Soup

I love soup. Maybe it’s because I am getting older, but I tell ya, old folks are on to something! This recipe will have you reconsider why soup found it’s niche with only those over 50 and get you in the kitchen cooking up batch after batch.

Keto Risotto : Pepperoni Cauliflower

Another one-pan-easy-cheesy recipe. This dish can be part of a main course or simply stand alone and shine in all it’s decadently creamy glory. Oh, almost forgot, it fits perfectly into the keto diet. This dish is not a cheat meal, but man does it that feel like one.

Pork Belly

Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy! A recipe so simple with a result so delicious, you’ll be questioning why you’ve never tried making Pork Belly.

The Egg Diet Recipes : 6 Eggs, 5 Ways

This is for anyone who has tried the gg diet. You know, when you eat eggs all day every day and loose like 15 pounds in the process. Well, I’ve compiled a list of recipes to make the egg diet not only bearable, but desirable.

Athens Pizza Kouzzina

Whatever diet you're on, wheter it's Keto or I Don't Give a What, Athens Pizza Kouzzina has something for everybody and it's all delicious. It's a little bit north of the city and located in a mall that isn't great. However, the food is worth the drive and the mall

Keto Cheese Shell Taco Snack

Snack time on the Keto Diet can sometimes be a bummer, but with this recipe you get the best of both worlds salty and sweet. So delicious, you’ll be fighting the kiddos over the last bite!

Fifty Shades of Iron : Part 1

Truly falling in love, they say it only happens once, well I confidently call bull! This is Part 1 of my love story. A tale of struggle, sorrow, and above all strength. Check out my 50 Shades Iron.

One-Pan Bacon Veggies

This well-seasoned veggie plate is deliciously keto-friendly and makes cleanup an absolute breeze. The sausage and bacon bring protein and high fat to the party, while the roasted veggies play host!

Who is Mama Maria

A Cuban lady with a fiery attitude and black beans that could bring world peace, if we would all just chill for two seconds and have a bowl.

Pho Inspired Leftovers

Leftovers, they raise me uo so I can stand on mountains! Yes, that was a Josh Groban love letter to leftovers (read between the lines and you'll see. So get excited because anything that gets Joshy-Bear to sing his heart out, can inspire us to no bounds.


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