Keto Cheese Shell Taco Snack


More cheese please! This recipe is a hit at our house. As soon as the double burner skillet is fired up, Tino and Anissa come running.

Tino gets there first and yells, “Me get first one, sister get second one, or me get second one and sister get no one!” (don’t worry folks, Tino gets a little less caveman-ish everyday)

Anissa quickly exclaims, “Sharing Tino! Sharing is caring.”

I jump in and let her know, “That’s right, sharing is caring and there’s enough here for…”

“Me, just me!” Anissa says quickly drops the i-got-manners-act. Then Tino cocks back his right arm to give her a good what for. This is when a reasonable parent would jump in, but I sit back and watch.

I would step in but the skillet needs to reach high-heat and the heat needs to be even throughout the skillet to get a good Cheese Shell. So, I have a good 5 minutes to watch a mini-cross-gender MMA Showdown.

Tino’s right connects to Anissa’s mid-section. She wastes no time with her counter, raising both hands in the air while holding her toy cash register. Tino drops to the floor and covers his head, expecting the full weight of the register to fall on him. My eyes widen as I see the anger in Anissa’s eyes. Her glance catches mine, causing her to re-think the dangerous counter move.

Anissa gently puts down the register letting me know, “You see, I put it down nicely so the hardwoods don’t get scratched.” I smile, letting her know I’m proud of her. She smiles back. Tino looks up, letting his guard down because he thinks it’s over – Anissa has other plans.

She raises her right leg and steps over Tino, then abruptly sits on his back and puts him in an impressive choke hold. Tino holds his own, squirming like a fish out of water and manages to get on his back to protect from the inevitable onslaught of ground-and-pound Anissa is about to unleash. I go for my phone to start recording so I can share this awesomeness with my brothers, but right before I hit record…

“What on earth is going on?” Party Pooper McGee walks into the kitchen and just like that, my wife kills a fight so fantastic that it made McGregor vs. Mayweather look like two ducks fighting over the same piece of breadcrumb.

Well, let’s check the heat on that skillet, and happy cooking! Check out the Video Below:




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