Food Terminal


I am one of four brothers, all relatively close in age, and all with big appetites. We were always concerned about who was going to get the most food. So much so that whenever we ate at Mickey D’s we would call, “Fries First!”, “Second”, “Third” – and that would determine the order of who got to pick their carton of fries.

Food Terminal brings me back to those days. The days of full on blinded gluttony, when all that mattered was eating the most food. Everything on the menu makes me giddy inside. My stomach starts doing cartwheels as I see the waiter making their way over to me. My eyes light up as the plate hits the table and tastes buds start to tango.

The waiter asks if we need anything else and I politely answer, “No thanks, we have everything we need”, instead of what is really going through my mind.

Which is, “Get out of here so I can stuff my face with these noodles and enjoy my…”

My eyes go from an abundant glee to a darting glare as Tino and Anissa dive in first. Anissa grabs pieces of the perfectly glazed pork, as Tino goes for a handful of bbq noodles. I see right past Tino’s lack of table manners and the fact that his fingers are going to be sticky from the delicious bbq sauce. Instead, I focus on the most important issue at hand – neither of them called “First.”

I mean where is the rule of law? Who the hell do they think they are? Those were my noodles, my pork, mine, mine, mine! I mean these little brats think they can just eat my food without even asking or calling it! I need to take them to the bathroom and show them some manners and maybe even…

Some of you might be thinking I’ve become unhinged, to that I say, you haven’t eaten at Food Terminal yet. So, don’t judge the level of rage caused by my offspring eating my food until your taste buds get a kick of the perfectly crafted flavors of every dish at Food Terminal!

Now, check out some of my favorites from the menu in the pictures above, as I go and explain to my kids that sharing is caring, unless we’re at Food Terminal.

This sinfully delicious restaurant is found in Chamblee right on Buford Highway and  I am not listing my top picks because, YOU SHOULD TRY EVERYTHING!

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