Fissler SensoRed® Frying Pan

A dish’s fate lies in heating a pan to the correct temperature. If you’re like my wife, you don’t have the patience for waiting on a pan to heat up. Luckily there’s a pan for those of us like my wife.

A pan that says, “Whoa, slow down there cowgirl, we just met, let’s get to know each other a little before you get me all oiled up!”

The Fissler SensoRed® is that pan.  It speaks to the cook with visual cues and turns from a speckled bright red to a solid deep red when it has come to heat. This simple, yet instrumental, color change has transformed my wife’s eggs, steaks, and most of all chicken breast. I have noticed the greatest difference in the chicken breast because now they’re perfectly crusted on the outside with a much more juicy inside.

The Fissler SensoRed® takes guessing out of the equation and let’s my wife know when it’s the exact moment to drop the chicken. As soon as the entire pan goes from a speckled red to a solid deep red, she knows it’s time to party.

Not only does the SensoRed® speak letting you know it’s ready, but it also holds the conversation extremely well. It does an excellent job in reserving all the built up heat and evenly distributing it throughout the pan during the cooking process, which leads to better omelets, bacon, fried eggs, and of course chicken breast.

The even heat distribution and color changing is great, but my favorite thing about the Fissler SensoRed® is its weight and handle. The weight is just right, heavy enough to demand control, but just light enough to be controlled. The handle is thick, never gets hot, and comes off the pan at a perfect angle making it feel incredible in my hands.

So, whether you need a pan that’ll let you know when to come aboard, or just want a pan with perfect weight and an impressive handle to boot, the Fissler SensoRed® will most definitely satisfy your needs! Oh, and it’ll improve your cooking as well 🙂

Check out the video above for a full review and deliciously simple fried egg recipe!
Disclosure: I received a free product from Fissler in exchange for this review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own
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