The Best Food at Disney World : El Moodie’s Top 5

Disney World is tagged as the happiest place on earth, and I would wholeheartedly agree; given a big disclaimer.

Disney World, The Happiest Place On Earth. The following fights between siblings must be ignored. Fights about who: Mickey wants to marry, gets to ride first, gets the biggest lightsaber, has the last bite of the churro ice cream sandwich, or looks more like Elsa at 1am after an entire day of park hopping (answer, none of you look like Elsa, you both look more like Mother Gothel when Blondie hasn’t sung for her in awhile)

For me though, Disney World is The Most Gluttonous Place On Earth. It’s where Keto meets it’s match and carb overload becomes an everyday occurance. Disney World is where Intermittent Fasting comes to die and from it’s ashes arises Steady Insulin Spikes. It’s an aggressive attack on all my taste buds and an onslaught of wonderfully terrible feasting adventures.

Oh, wait, I almost forgot. I’m writing about Disney World so let me say a few things about my kids and how much fun they have while we’re there. Anissa, Tino, and Andres have lots of fun.

Now to the good stuff.

The following is my list of treats and spots you must try while at Disney World. If you miss out on these culinary enjoyments, then quite honestly you should just stay home and save your money.

TREAT : Double Chocolate-Chip Ice Cream Sandwich at Animal Kingdom

Where: Tamu Tamu Refreshments (Across the street from Tusker House in Africa)

So, first thing you’ll notice is the size. You’ll think it’s big enough to share, then take a bite and realize, “Yeah, I’m not sharing!” This is the best ice cream sandwich I’ve ever eaten and what makes it so is the cookie. It is the perfect double chocolate chip cookie. The texture and air of it is like a brownie but the way it holds together is all cookie. What makes the cookie shine is that the Double Chocolatey-ness is not overpowering, instead it’s a nice wave of smooth chocolate flavor with hints of deeper dark chocolate undertones.  

SPOT : Boma – Flavors of Africa at Animal Kingdom Lodge

Where: Jambo House (Bottom Floor)

The name of this restaurant is misleading, it should be called, Boma – Flavors of Heaven. You know that great feast scripture says is waiting for us on the other side? Well, no need to wait on your passing, just book a visit to Boma and experience an out of this world buffet that’ll have you counting the days until your next Disney trip. Everything on the buffet line is top notch and African inspired, but hands down the two things you must try are the Ribs and the Butternut Squash soup. The soup is a perfect mix of spices and flavors that is as joyous to your tongue as it is to your nose and the Ribs are a sweet and salty tango that dance across your lips making you forget how bad your feet hurt from walking all of Epcot three times over in one day.

TREAT : Apple Crisp á la Mode at Hollywood Studios

Where: Hollywood Scoops (Across from Beauty and Beast Show)

This is a spot on classic creation, exactly the way it should be! The apples are warm, the vanilla ice cream bursts with flavor, and the “crisps” are perfectly crafted balls of crumbly mouthwatering delight. You can not go wrong with this treat, no matter what time of year or temperature outside, it always hits the spot!

SPOT : Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant at Hollywood Studios

Where: Right across the street from Mickey and Minnie Starring in Red Carpet Dreams

This is a very cool spot. It has a 50’s Drive-In movie feel and the decor is outstanding, which is all great and fun, but the real star of the show is – the Seasonal Specialty Burger. Every time I’ve ordered the Seasonal Special it has not disappointed. It’s exciting tbecause evolves with the Seasons so you never know what deliciousness awaits. However, if you’re not in the mood for a burger, then order the Drive-in BBQ Burger. I know that was ridiculous, but who is ever not in the mood for a burger? If the answer is you, then please ask someone if you have a pulse cause I’m pretty sure you’re not living, or at least not the way you should be. Anyways, back to the burgers. The burgers here are the reason we make sure this spot is the first place we visit everytime we come to Disney, and it should be your first stop too!

SPOT/TREAT : Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie / Biscuit Chocolat

Where: World Showcase (France)

Let me start by saying that like Boma, everything in this place is to write home about. However, what steals my heart and soul every time is the Biscuit Chocolat, which is basically the most lusciously glorious Chocolate Chunk Cookie you’ll ever eat. I’ve thought a lot about what makes this cookie rise above all others, and I’ll attempt to explain it here knowing there are no words to describe it’s exquisiteness.

The cookie is soft but firm. It fights back a little when you first bite into it, but like every great love in your life, bends to your desire. As you chew the cookie crumbles into sand size pieces and like a wave coming ashore, your tastebuds flood your mouth melting the cookie’s flavor away and down the back of your throat. The next breath you take allows the cookie’s richness to escape up your windpipe and out your nose, again like your greatest love, leaving a lingering aroma you’ll never forget.

On the next bite you’re lucky enough to seek your teeth into a chocolate chunk, which is really more like a mini-sized Ghirardelli Chocolate Square. The chocolate is not too deep in flavor and not too sweet either. It’s not too chalky and not too smooth. The chocolate is so perfect it’s almost magical, and it probably is, after all your in Disney World!


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