Every Day Use

Capresso Electric Pour-Over Kettle

Want a perfect cup of joe? You just need a constant brewing temp, a timed brew, and a perfect pour. Thankfully the Capresso Electric Pour-Over Kettle does all of that for you! Now, let's learn how to make the best tasting, smoothest, cleanest, and full-bodied pot of coffee.

Fissler SensoRed® Frying Pan

Need a pan to be more like your man? A pan that speas clearly and lets you know when the heat is on and time for the meat to be dropped in. Well, the Fissler SensoRed® does just that! This pan changes colors letting you know when it’s fully heated

Fifty Shades of Iron : Part 1

Truly falling in love, they say it only happens once, well I confidently call bull! This is Part 1 of my love story. A tale of struggle, sorrow, and above all strength. Check out my 50 Shades Iron.


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