Capresso Electric Pour-Over Kettle

We all remember our first time. A moment of exuberant delight, knowing we were doing something reserved only for adults. Most of our first experience isn’t the way it’s meant to be. We fudge it up, adding a splash of cream here and a sprinkle of sugar there – afterall we were just kids.

However, we mature, and as adults realize what a disaster our first time was. Nervous to give it a go and ashamed if we didn’t like it. So we timidly bring ourselves to try it but not before drowning its flavor, changing its color, and destroying its essence.

I am ashamed of how I used to drink my coffee. So much milk I could swim in it and so much sugar that like Clarence, I wasn’t satisfied until the spoon stood straight up. I have since changed my ways and now it kills me inside to see a “coffee lover” adding a gallon of cream and a pint of sugar to their cup of joe.

Once I started taking my coffee black I set forth on a quest to find my roast of choice . I was into Gevalia for a while, extremely smooth but not dark enough for me. Then while at Costco I ran across a sale of Starbucks Whole Bean French Roast Coffee. I gave it a go and that was it. I found the mix of full-bodied, richly smooth, deep flavor I was looking for.

Next I began experimenting with brewing methods. The typical machine drip brewing was great for a smooth cup of coffee but didn’t give the body I like in my coffee. The french press method gave a whole lot of body, but went a bit overboard creating a cup of joe that was a little too muddy. I then tried the pour-over method and found that it was a perfect mix of body and smoothness.

At first I was using a regular run of the mill kettle to heat my water. I knew that coffee was best brewed at a temperature between 190-205˚F, but using a kettle that didn’t measure temperature had me guessing how hot the water was when brewing my coffee. This caused the coffee flavor to differ from day to day.

Another issue I ran into when using a regular kettle was timing. Understanding that pour-over coffee should be finished within 4-5 minutes tops, I regularly ran over because I wasn’t keeping an eye on time. Timing my brew is something that fell by the wayside cause of the three little monsters I have running around the house at 5:30 am every morning. So, never being able to manage a consistent time for the brew also lead to my coffee being varied in flavor and feel.

With my cup of liquid gold tasting different from day to day, I started understanding why people dump loads of sugar and cream into their coffee. Maybe they do it  because it makes their cup of joe always taste the same no matter how the coffee was brewed or what roast it is. I was slightly tempted on going to the dark side and revisiting sugar and cream, but luckily a ray of light shined upon me  pulling me back to what is right and good in this world – black coffee.

I was introduced to the Capresso Electric Pour-Over Kettle. A kettle that not only had temperature control and a timer, but also a spout that gives a perfect pour every time. A pour so clean and even that every ground of coffee gets just the right amount of water allowing for the most beautiful bloom you’ll ever see.

The temperature control allows for an exact brewing temp while the keep warm feature brings the water back up to the desired temp once it’s placed back on the base. No more guessing how hot the water is and how it will affect your cup of joe.

One of my favorite features is the timer found on the base. The timer keeps me present and on task while brewing coffee, reminding me when to start my second pour and when the last drip should fall.

The Capresso Electric Pour-Over Kettle has brought balance to my life and coffee, by guaranteeing a perfectly brewed cup of coffee every time. If you are as crazy over coffee as I am then I would suggest trying every roast you can, but don’t bother wasting your time on brewing methods or kettles!

Check out the video above for a full review and go get the Capresso Electric Pour-Over Kettle! I promise you’ll be thanking me later 🙂

Disclosure: I received free product from Capresso in exchange for this review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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