Athens Pizza Kouzzina

Don’t let the name fool you, this place is so much more than just pizza!

There are very few restaurants that are consistently consistent in the way their food tastes. That is why places like McDonald’s have a special place in my heart, both figuratively (with memories made) and literally (with clogging factors).

The fact that a double quarter pounder with cheese tastes exactly the same every time makes it an easy decision for a tipsy late night drive-thru pit stop. However, truth be told with 3 kids, I can’t remember the last time a late night tipsy decision was made; other than deciding on going to bed ASAP before the tiny jerks are up by 5am.

Athens Pizza Kouzzina is not a fast food chain like McDonalds. Their foods couldn’t be farther apart on a culinary map, but in terms of consistency they are like identical twins. To be more exact, like my identical twin brother and me.

Athens Pizza Kouzzina is like Roly, a more healthy and perfectly sculpted culinary option.

McDonalds is like me, a more un-healthy and a loosely sculpted attempt at a culinary experience.

So now that I’ve used body types as similes, let’s get back on track!

What is so special about this place is the quality and freshness of their ingredients. Every vegetable is crisp and vibrant. The meat is juicy and always cooked to perfection. The pizza dough, oh that dough, it is a flavor like no other. The dough is light enough you won’t feel terrible after downing four slices of pizza, but doughy enough to make your cheat day feel like Christmas; it’s like having your pizza and eating it too!

This gem is located in Duluth at Sugarloaf Mills, and here’s what to order:

Order when on Keto Diet

  • The Greek Salad and with choice of a mountain of meat (Pork Loin, Gyro meat, or Chicken)
  • They Gyro Plate sub Potatoes for Salad (pass the Pita over to the kids)
  • Butter Salmon sub Rice for Salad
  • Souvlaki Skewers sub Rice for Salad

Order when on I Don’t  Give A What Diet

  • Mediterranean Pizza (BEST PIZZA IN THE A)
  • The Big Gyro
  • Rib-Eye Cheeseteak
  • Flaming Saganaki

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  • While on keto I get a kids or small cheese pizza and just scrape the cheese off…delicious! Also…the amount of chicken they put on the salad is completely worth the price. Sometimes a place charges $5 dollars to add “chicken” and they give you two strips…but here they give you two big a$$ chicken breasts. I get the large salad (which serves 4-6) but I eat it all….and it’s awesome 🙂

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